With decades of specific hands-on experience in various retail environments, along with the resources to properly execute, our team is uniquely qualified to assist our customers from creation to roll out of the perfect retail solution.

If it’s a stand-alone program for a large chain retailer, we have the ability to source the right item at the right price, design the fixture for maximum sales potential, manufacture the fixtures, design and print the signage, assist with the program set up, and even service the program if desired.

If it’s a full fashion accessories boutique, we have the ability todream up a unique concept and store environment, map out the proper product assortment with our customer, design and manufacture the fixtures, planogram the store, design and print the graphics, assist with the set up of the store(s), and even service the stores with our trained merchandisers if desired. Once the store is open, SNI will continuously supply it with fresh, new styles to make sure the store stays current, relevant and on trend. We treat every store as if it were our own.

Since SNI handles such a wide variety of product categories and thousands of product skus on a daily basis, the next successful program is always in development, just waiting to be released to the right retail environment.

Our merchandising and concept development teams are also constantly surveying the international retail landscape for inspiration on store design and new product ideas.