For over 25 years, SNI has been an innovator and true leader in the design and development of profit-producing impulse purchase programs for our customers.

As a matter of fact, we quickly built our business from ground zero to several million dollars in sales with our highly successful impulse silk neckwear program.

Our company has since grown steadily and significantly. Today, SNI is armed with the knowledge, resources and infrastructure to ensure that we will continue to be the partner our customers turn to for award-winning impulse programs.

We have the capabilities to source the item, import it, produce the display & signage, distribute the program to our customer’s stores, and even service the program where applicable.

We realize that real estate in our customers’ stores is often at an extreme premium and we know how to create displays that utilize very small footprints. Therefore, we measure performance in profit-per-square inch!

SNI consistently offers new top profit-producing programs to our customers; from a stand alone counter top display, to a custom tower program, to a store filled with all of our best-selling impulse programs.