With our extensive account list spanning most sectors of retail, our strong customer relationships, and our ability to ship smaller orders to multiple locations, SNI is a solid choice to facilitate the distribution of another company’s product line.

We also have a unique and unmatched ability to distribute and provide in-store service to locations throughout travel retail and gaming retail.

      Your Portal into Travel Retail Markets

SNI has been supplying and running programs for major airport and travel retailers for over 25 years and have ongoing exclusive programs with many of these retailers. We are experts in all aspects of this niche market and we make it possible for brands and consumer products companies to gain exposure and build successful programs in the challenging travel retail arena. 

We have distribution capabilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Asia. Some of the brands we distribute include Hugo Boss, Zippo, INVICTA, Cabeau, Berkshire, Bendon, SKROSS, Lee Publications, National Design, Sentry, Nectar, etc.